The Mormon Church feels discriminated against. Oh boo-hoo. How about the Golden Rule, fellows?

They think that people don't understand them (true) and that people view them with suspicion (true) and discriminate against them (also true).

I don't know how "Christian" the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints is -- I mean they've even got the old Jewish carpenter/philosopher in their name, so I'm hoping their dogma includes the Golden Rule -- "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Most religions of the world include that.
Not such an exotic concept.
Tibetan Buddhism includes that and -- in the American religious community, they're pretty exotic ["Any way is a way as long as it includes 'Do as you would have done to you.' "]

And yet they cranked out $20 million to take away the legal rights of a group of people who are (1) largely misunderstood [why do they do what they do?], (2) viewed by many with suspicion [that insidious 'gay agenda'], and (3) are very much discriminated against [ Proposition 8 which took away from gay people in California the legal right to marry each other, financed with $20 million that came straight from the Church HQ in Utah, and driven by thousands of Mormon political volunteers]

So all I have to say to that is

"You feel discriminated against? Boo-fucking-hoo."

Just for the record, you also did the same to dark-skinned people until 1978 when the US Government threatened to take away your tax-exempt status unless you obeyed the law and allowed them into the church.

(I guess Money talks and Theological bullshit walks, eh?)

I'm not gay and I vote.
I was a registered Libertarian for more than 20 years -- and I vote.
So maybe y'all should decide whether or not you're actually Christians and then tell us about it.

Until then, I will agree -- which for me is the first time ever -- with the rabid Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians and say "I will do whatever I can to keep any Mormon from EVER getting elected to ANYTHING"
(UNLESS, as y'all said about Muslims after 9-11, that person is willing to denounce such anti-Christian mean-spirited behavior by their church, openly and completely without excuses, conditions or reservations. Do that, and I'll consider that person "a GOOD Mormon.")

I stand with the great American writer, Herman Melville in this matter:

"I cherish the greatest respect towards everybody's religious obligations, never mind how comical,
and could not find it in my heart to undervalue even a congregation of ants worshipping a toad-stool...

"... I have no objection to any person's religion, be it what it may, so long as that person does not kill or insult any other person, because that other person doesn't believe it also...
"But when a man's religion becomes really frantic; when it is a positive torment to him; and, in fine, makes this earth of ours an uncomfortable inn to lodge in; then I think it high time to take that  individual aside and argue the point with him."

I respectfully suggest that point is now argued.


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