OK, not obvious? The Mormon church is trying to buy the presidency for Mitt Romney

Just like they spent $20 million and sent 10,000+ young volunteers (their army of sanctimonious blissfully clueless young men, the same ones who come to your door to tell you that you've never thought about spiritual things -- at least not the RIGHT way -- THEIR way) spent all that money to TAKE AWAY THE RIGHTS of California citizens -- the gay ones, the ones who'd finally won their long legal fight to have the same rights as everyone else.

And now, consistent with their philosophy, they need to have -- they WILL have (they believe) -- a Mormon president who can work their will, as they have said -- "Someday, when the constitution is hanging by a thread..."

And what sort of a better front man for the Elders hiding behind the heavy doors of the inner sanctum than a generic android whose operating system and memory chips can be changed from the Temple as needed.

Many years ago, a friend of mine (now gone) -- one of the most admirable humans I've ever known -- a man who, despite being blind, never backed down, never fudged his principles, never just "went along" to keep his own status quo, a man who honored me by being my friend -- taught at Brigham Young. (This was back in the days of  "White Men's Private Club -- No darkies allowed.")

They brought him in for the dogma review, as they do with all their underlings. And he told them he had no problem with any of their dogma, from Jesus being a man who came here from another planet to a loyal church follower being able to aspire to having his own planet as a god.

But he did allow that it didn't matter much to him, since he was a sort of atheist.


In short order, they declared him an apostate, fired him, and forced his wife to divorce him and take his children.

So the idea is that by spending many many millions, they can fulfill their destiny and own what they believe is rightfully theirs.
And they can (1) get the Darky out of the WHITE house -- they may need to comply with federal law to keep their tax-exempt status, but that doesn't mean they'll ever LIKE IT
-- and (2) make their android 'the most powerful man in the world,' with the authority to change those laws they don't like.

That idea is 'heaven-on-Earth' to them and should be more terrifying to the rest of us than the idea of Freddy Kruger becoming president.

If they're NOT a cult, 
why do they act like one?


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