An Open objection to Chris Matthews' Religious Intolerance

To Chris Matthews --

I watch you almost every day, and yeah, I know that Christine O'Donnell is something of a Wack Job (or "zany" in current polititude) -- but you have to know something:

Wicca is a religion. 
A real religion.
An old religion that pre-dates Christianity.
Witches are the theo-equivalent of your priests and parishioners.

Yeah, I know  -- big joke, like today -- ha-ha -- dark powers and all.
(The satan crap?  That's Christianity that believes in that, not Wiccans.)

How about an equivalency example:

You know about Catholics?
How they invoke demons by practicing cannibalism?
How they eat the body of their prophet?
   (It's just a cracker, but their priests do a magickal invocation to turn it into flesh.)
How they drink the blood of their prophet?
    (It's just wine but when one of their priests does a magickal invocation, it becomes blood.)

Gives them some kind of power.

Get it?

I'd use a mockery of my own religious tradition as an example -- Judaism -- but that's really more a matter of birth than belief. As I was often told as a lad: "Doesn't matter if you don't believe it -- as far as Hitler was concerned, you're a Jew."  
And it seemed to be the same deal with the Irish Catholic kids who went to the church a few blocks from my family's home .. .used to chase me and throw rocks screaming: "Faddah sez you killed our Lord!." 
And that was hometown stuff -- your hometown and mine -- Philadelphia.  
But while the Irish kids were the mob, it wasn't just the Irish kids, don't want to single out the descendants of the great poets -- one Italian-American lad named Gino used to burn crosses on the lawns of Jewish homes. 
Probably had something to do with me joining the Marines when I was getting drafted.

Anyway, you get the idea?
There are a lot of Wiccans in America.
But they stay low-profile because of what I'm talking about.
And because they remember the American Puritan drownings and crushings.

It's just another religion.
Like all religions, you look at their rituals from the outside and they seem bizarre.
But unlike many Christians, they actually practice "Do as you would have done to you," since the underlying principle is that what you send out returns to you seven-fold.

So, please -- knock it off.
Don't make the people who like you and think you're intelligent and mostly agree with you have to be embarrassed for your ignorance.



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