Chris Christi -- biggest crybaby on the block

Chris Christi took the food out of his mouth long enough today (hey -- I'm quite visibly overweight -- I can make jokes about another fat slob) -- to go "WAHH WAHH WAHH" about the president.

He doesn't seem to be aware of the fact that the president has a job, and that congress has a job for which it gets paid OUR money to do. And it isn't the president's job to hang out with people who won't do their own.

But no: "We need a president who isn't just a bystander."

What he's saying is "Daddy - why did you go do the job the people pay you to do and talk with the leaders of the other countries we do international trade with instead of staying home with me and mommy and making my pals do their job?" (Which -- in this instance -- just happened to be the committee set up to do the budget job they DIDN'T do a while ago.)

Hey, Chris -- why don't you do YOUR job and make sure the Jersey mob gets all their state contracts and gets paid with the money you take away from the firefighters, the police, and the schools? (That IS your job, isn't it?")

It's probably best to not cry like a baby when you so resemble one. A mean one.


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