There he is -- peeking out from behind the shredded glamour...

It's about the "teflon" thing Donald Trump seemed to have, in which he can say no wrong, nor can anyone say about him. Turns out it's not teflon.

We've been waiting for that moment with Trump, that  moment from the Army-McCarthy hearings when Judge Welch said "At long last, sir, have you no decency?" And McCarthy's facade disintegrated like a paper mask left out in the rain.

 Well, it came, but not like that.

It's the glamour -- the false image projected by mythological creatures to prevent the locals from seeing what they are -- in Trump's case, a touch armored fighter with an image that does not bend or dent or break. An orangutan, or such -- humanoid, but feral and powerful...

And this morning he said that one thing that hits it, aimed at Hillary, over 20 years old, completely discredited, and as outdated as Erich Von Danniken's intractable Teutonic racism -- "Well those little brown people in the forests couldn't have possibly built/ figured out/ understood anything that complex -- had to have been creatures from outer space." (What if they were creatures from outer space who were actually little brown people? Would that have made it ok?")

 But this one -- this time Trump finding a particularly stinking, slimy, retch-inducing piece of poop to fling at  about there being "something fishy about Vince Foster's death." Foster was a brilliant member of the election team, and loved by most, funny, witty.. and his suicide was a heart-breaker for them, one which, like any sudden loss of a friend, never quite stops hurting.

And there was Donnie Trump throwing that stinking ball of pain at Hillary.

And it wasn't despicable or "at long last..indecent --- it was pathetic...

 Just fucking pathetic.

Instead of showing up as an unfeeling giant monster, what it did was drop the glamour, and show the creature behind it, not some terrible terrible monster, but a tiny orange crustacean, something like a shrimp -- or to be generous -- a prawn -- waving its many arms and antennae in a frenzy to keep the ones it feared away, using the glamour and constant motion to keep them from seeing him as he is:

A tiny pathetic creature holding up a giant mask, but one which fell apart when he dropped it from the strain of its weight. And peeking out from behind, tiny little Donnie Trump.

"He thought he was a big old T. Rex, 
but it turned out he was only a tiny little T. Rump."
Ente Grillenhaft


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