A flaw in my logic

The comment on yesterday's posting from or on behalf of Xymphora made at least one real point -- that the Iranians wouldn't be particularly fond of having an American army of occupation in Iraq, given that they are part of that "axis-of-evil" the neocons keep finding under the bed. Perhaps not even a depleted, demoralized, exhausted army of occupation, one which has been betrayed at every turn by politically-focused administration officials afraid to send "too many troops" there. To this administration, the real terror is that the voters might send them all packing.

Given that this administration has betrayed the men and women it sent into harm's way at every turn, from cutting medical benefits to extorting re-enlistments under threat of being sent to Iraq, to extending (and thereby violating) the contracts these people signed with the military service, it's amazing we still have anyone over there willing to wear the uniform.

Still, there's nothing wrong with rethinking through other perspectives in terms of the of the Chalabi-suckered-the-neocons-on-behalf-of-Iran theory.

Not that Xymphora's version is necessarily right and mine wrong, but his version is solid enough it MUST be considered. Perhaps my loathing for the neocon know-it-alls who would never consider ANY premise other than their original one led me to leap too quickly on the delightful possibility that the neocons were conned.

I understand the possible lack of desire of the Iranian mullahs to have 130,000 troops and about 50,000 mercenaries at their next door. I certainly understand the desire to finger-point at anyone, in this case, Chalabi, yelling, as these people do at each other in crunch times, "It's all HIS fault."

But I don't understand why these stiff-necked, self-righteous jerks would enjoy being publicly humiliated as the people who got suckered by a bunch of guys they've called "16th century dinosaurs," why they would think it works to their benefit. Because to me, they look like the kind of people who would rather die, rather hang for crimes against humanity, than ever appear foolish in public. And this makes them look like a bunch of bozos who just bought a sack of shit for $200 billion.

Which they did, of course, whether via Chalabi and the Iranians or their own insanity. The problem -- the criminal aspect of it -- is this: they've been paying for it with the deaths and maiming of the men and women in uniform.


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