The new fabrication: "We didn't know -- no one knew."

Like a bunch of robots with new chips inserted, all the little apologists for the Monkey Boy Mob are running around with their Talking Points, all mouthing the same words, coming up with yet another tissue of lies. The new myth being peddled is this:

"Everyone in the world believed Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction."

In other words, the incompetence of this Coup d'fou, the ignorant fantasy that has led so far to the deaths of thousands and the maiming of ten times that many should be excused because all the other kids in the 7th grade said so too.

Not only craven, but craven crap, not true, not true at all. And not one of those "I'm so tough" guys has the balls to stand up and admit it.

Hans Blix didn't believe it and he had actually been there and looked around and he said it over and over again.

Scott Ritter didn't believe it and he said so over and over again on talk shows remaining calm while smartass pissants like Dennis Miller mocked him, until they stopped allowing Ritter on talk shows because he didn't talk the talk they wanted.

Not just the 'fair and balanced' drones, but all of them, right, middle, and what passes for left.

Both Blix and Ritter and quite a few others knew that even if there were any actual pieces of stuff left, which Hans Blix thought was not likely, most of the WMD's would be useless because of component deterioration over time.

And the Bushleague knew it.

The repetitive pattern of thoroughly craven behavior before and since from all those experts hiding behind the Public Moron tells us they knew there weren't any WMD's. And we all know it too, if we think about it, that there was not a chance in hell this passle of Rec Room Patriots would have made a move if they thought there was even a whisper of a smidgen of a scintilla of a chance that Saddam Hussein had much more than rocks to throw at us.

They planned and expected a cakewalk. Used that very word. Cakewalk. And anthrax and smallpox and nukes are not among the ingredients used in baking a cakewalk. Not only didn't everyone in the world believe the WMD's existed, it seems obvious everyone in the Bushleague administration knew damn well they didn't.

Oh, perhaps the Creature in the Cave, the one with the Elvis sneer, the duck shooter -- he wouldn't have cared one way or the other about how many lived or died, so long as he was safe in his undisclosed location. But the rest of them, nahh. Too many dead wouldn't have allowed Monkey Boy to dress up in military drag and prance the deck in front of real soldiers and sailors and marines.

Think back to the last war we fought based on what hindsight has shown us to be totally transparent bullshit. After it was all over, when Robert MacNamara's book of lies came out -- the one in which he said repeatedly how he never knew the real story at the time -- it was reviewed by many people, not the least of which was one colonel who was teaching at West Point.

The thrust of his review? That MacNamara was lying. How did he know?

"Because," he said, (The quote may not be exact, but is definitely faithful to the gist of it.) "Because I was there, in those meetings, and anyone who offered information that disagreed with his premises was either ignored or sent from the room."

Are we talking MacNamara sticking his fingers in his ears and going "la-la-la-la-la" Pee-Wee Herman style? Or perhaps smacking the hand of the NSA advisor with a yardstick and making him stand in the corner? Well, probably not, but what nifty images.

They lie and lie and lie, and as Daniel Ellsberg said about the Nixon-Johnson-MacNamara et al liars, "It's a tribute to the morality of the American Public, because they knew we'd never stand for it if we knew the truth."

That was then and this is now, and as the Late Great Communicator used to say when anyone pointed out that he was still telling us non-facts already disproved: "Well... there they go again."


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