Brad DeLong's Dream

This dream may be titillating the nights of many many Americans -- that Wanker and Cheney are forced to resign, that Dennis Hastert and Stevens say "pass" on being president, and Colin Powell takes the job. Oh wouldn't it be loverly for those Republicans who still hold on to the idea of having principles.

And following that post from yesterday is a lively interchange of comments.

But for all that I admire and respect Mr. DeLong's insight and intelligence, I find it a bit difficult to accept that he still believes Colin Powell has any personal credibility left at all after 3+ years playing "Yassuh Boss, I'se comin' just as fast as I can" House Darkie to this band of subhuman white boys who, in a just world, would have had to ask permission to kiss the hem of his blood-stained robe.


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