Deja vu and Tyler Too

WASHINGTON, June 22 — In a February 2002 directive that set new rules for handling prisoners captured in Afghanistan, President Bush broadly cited the need for "new thinking in the law of war." He ordered that all people detained as part of the fight against terrorism should be treated humanely even if the United States considered them not to be protected by the Geneva Conventions , the White House said Tuesday.

Something rings like a broken bell in the back of the mind -- another president, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, et al, -- something like:

Sure we could herd the prisoners into the big room naked, make them watch as we pick one at random, pull his fingernails out with pliers, tie barbed wire around his balls, pour molten lead up his ass, then ask the others who wants to go next. They're not protected by the Geneva Convention and it would get information that could save American lives... but that would be wrong.


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