Bulgy, bulgy -- more smoke and mirrors


The surrogates and spinners on hand for tonight's debate in St. Louis don't agree on much, but they do see eye-to-eye on this: There's virtually no chance that George W. Bush wore a listening device during the first presidential debate.

Kerry campaign spokesman Joe Lockhart told Salon that it is "virtually impossible" that Bush wore a wire last week -- and that if he did, it didn't work very well. "If he had someone talking in his ear, he should have gotten someone better to talk in his ear," Lockhart said.

Asked whether he could categorically deny that Bush wore any kind of listening device, Bush-Cheney spokesman Steve Schmidt said: "It sounds like complete and total nonsense." Sounds like, or is? "Complete and total nonsense," Schmidt said.

--Well, they all remember the attacks on Hilary Clinton after she mentioned the "right wing conspiracy" going after President Bill, and even then it was public knowledge that Richard Mellon Scaife had put up mondo dollars to anyone who was trying to find dirt... so of course they'll say they don't believe it...

When your opponent is living in a vulnerable dream world, you don't want to do anything to suggest you may also be a flake.

In the words of someone who knew a little bit about tactics:

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
Napoleon Bonaparte


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