Robertson Says Bush Predicted No Iraq Toll-- Bush says "Yo' momma -- I never said no sich thang."

Oh, what does this little hissy fit tiff remind me of... some song, folk song... hmmm, maybe I'll remember later:
The evangelical broadcaster Pat Robertson has set off a partisan fight by telling a television interviewer that President Bush serenely assured him just before the invasion of Iraq, "Oh, no, we're not going to have any casualties."

Mr. Robertson, offering that account in an interview televised Tuesday night on CNN, said Mr. Bush made the comment when they met in Nashville in early 2003. At that meeting, he said, he warned the president to prepare the public for casualties.

Mr. Robertson, a former marine who...

---Actually, just to keep the record straight, Lieutenant Robertson, who became increasingly more nervous as his ship neared Korea, called his daddy, a US Senator, and said, "Puhleeese, daddy, don't let 'em make me go." Robertson spent the rest of his hitch supplying superior officers stationed in Japan with booze and various other comforts and luxuries, far away from any fighting or any chance of having to join his battalion in that frozen swirling toilet of death.

But, I digress from the wonderful tale:

...White House officials denied that Mr. Bush had ever uttered the remark. Karl Rove, Karen Hughes and Scott McClellan all told reporters in Eau Claire, Wis., that Mr. Robertson was mistaken.

"Of course the president never made such a comment," said Mr. McClellan, the White House press secretary. "The president both publicly and privately was preparing the American people for the possibility of a military conflict and the possibility that sacrifices may be necessary."

Mr. Rove, the president's chief political adviser, said he had attended the Nashville meeting and had not heard such a remark. "I was right there," Mr. Rove said.

And of course, Karl Rove would never even blur the truth, let alone lie to make his Bush-league Boy look better in the public eye...

Ahhh, I've got it.

It's the end of Stackerlee, after that Bad Man Richard Lee is executed for his crimes and goes to Hell, Georgie as a sort of frat-boy version of Stackerlee and Robertson in the role which he created himself -- already down in Hell, always putting on airs, telling everyone he's the Devil himself (which would be believable if he weren't such a whiny small-time punk).

And it would go something like:

Bush said to Pat Robertson
Let’s us have some fun.
You stab me with your pitchfork
and I’ll shoot you with my gun

Georgie said to Pat Robertson,
Put yr pitchfork on the shelf
I’m that bad Bush they call Monkeyboy,
Gonna rule hell by myself.

Yeah, something like that... so go to it boys... while we stand here and watch the fun, contemplating the etymological root of "hypocrite."


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