Swing State Stickup --
Pennsylvania cops hunt Bush-face bank robber

--or was it actually Monkey Boy himself, just needed a little pocket cash, y'know, walkin' around money? -- wearing a mask of his own face to cover his own face (how Dada!) just continuing his policy of looting every treasury he can find from Daddy's friends' to Harken Energy to the US Government's and now this:

Bank robber wears George W Bush mask
OCTOBER 18--Police in the battleground state of Pennsylvania are looking for a man who robbed a bank Thursday night wearing a George W. Bush mask. The holdup man, who did not flash a weapon, demanded the money from a teller at a Commerce Bank near York. As seen in the below bank surveillance photos--provided to TSG by the Northern York County Regional Police--the robber wore gloves, a ski hat, and a fixed grin. A police spokesman would not say how much the Dubya doppelganger got away with.


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