Note to Red-State Bush Voters -- Get Over It

Listen, all this self-pity is fine for Saturday-night-alone country songs, but it is unseemly as a political-religious-social philosophy.

First of all, as a Jew who has lived in the South, I find it absurd and even pathological to hear Christians whining about how the Yankees mock them and look down on them. Maybe you deserve it.

Two words: Emmet Till.

Two hundred plus years of violence, virulence and lynching doesn't just fade from American memory because YOU would rather we forget it -- any more than y'all wanted us to immediately forget the Jim Crow prevention of dark-skinned Americans from voting in 2000, 2002, and 2004.

You're still doing it, only a bit more covertly when fat sheriffs laughed publicly at the idea of equal rights only 30 years ago.

And, oh, Boo-fucking-hoo -- other people don't respect your version of a god. Well maybe we would if you had the Christian decency to allow us to also live here, with our own faiths, and not disrespect us, acting as if whatever we believe is crap. And not only do you give US attitude a mile long, you then bribe and intimidate elected swine to make law to allow you to decide who gets to do what according to a book you like, one that has been translated, retranslated and most likely mistranslated, and then interpreted in a literal sense that refuses to allow anyone else to feel comfortable with their own sense of spirituality and the divine.

And double-boo-fucking-hoo -- New Yorkers give you attitude.

Well if you weren't such a bunch of self-pitying assholes, you might realize New Yorkers give EVERYONE attitude -- Bostonians, New Englanders, Philadelphians -- because they live in such an monstrous Hell-pit of meanness, greed, garbage, despair, and insensitivity, because they pay outrageous prices for tiny apartments with 200-year old plumbing and are constantly surrounded by filth and criminals -- ATTITUDE IS ALL THEY HAVE.

In that way, they're kind of like ex-Marines (of which I'm one) -- the reality is so stupid and depraved, the recognition of having had your love for country perverted for no higher purpose than to allow the Bush family (and others) to make a few more millions on cocaine deals with the Contras, or oil deals with the Iraqis, or opium deals with the Afghanis, to realize the fact that you endured brutalization, maiming, and the sight of friends killed horribly for NOTHING BUT GREED leaves you -- ex-Marine or New Yorker -- with no choice but to yell as loud as you can that it is the GREATEST THING in the world, because to admit is was all a bunch of crap is too terrible to face.

So, now that y'all have what you think is the whip hand, and before that smirking chimp and his pals betray you all, cut off your balls for their own indulgence and amusement and leave you holding the empty bag, think about this insight from one of the most brilliant Protestant Christians in English-speaking history, William Blake:

"People don't get what they deserve -- they get what they resemble."

That includes the giving of attitude.


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