A pathetic display as Bush thanks U.S. soldiers at Calif. base


Well, first of all, they're Marines, not soldiers, a distinction those people about to be fed into the maw of world domination-fantasies hold high.

And of course presidents rightfully thank the troops who, with few exceptions (remember, our country has had nearly 200 actual shooting wars in its history, most of them "wrong war wrong time" or outright criminal) have been the guys who stood up and been willing to go in and save the ill-advised bacon for the bozo politicans.

Here's what happened:

Dec. 7, 2004 | CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. (AP) -- President Bush chose a Marine base in southern California -- one with one of the highest casualty rates in Iraq -- to thank U.S. troops and insist that Iraqis go to the polls on time.

Bush was delivering a speech, having lunch with troops and meeting for more than 2 1/2 hours with families of servicemen Tuesday at Camp Pendleton, 38 miles north of San Diego...

Speaking on the 63rd anniversary of Pearl Harbor, Bush was to express appreciation for the troops' service and their families' sacrifice, especially during the holiday season. He also was to suggest ways Americans can actively support the troops.

Several options include a Defense Department program called "America Supports You," designed to showcase support for the military from individuals, businesses and groups as a way of encouraging others to do the same.

Well the whole thing of DoD Christmas PR programs is kind of pitiful and heinous (hey, how about restoring VA benefits instead as a Santa Special?)

But what was truly pathetic was that Boy George was wearing a modified Eisenhower jacket, no pockets on the breast ("I'm a BOY, Mommy. Boys don't have boobies! Boys have big 'Mission Accomplished' weenie packs!"). It was actually more a golf jacket than a military outfit, but with shoulder epaulets.

But truly pathetic was the handwriting on the nice flat left boob surface of the tan jacket:

George W Bush

No, really --that's what it said. So what is that -- the White House version of sewing labels into the kid's underwear so the other kids don't steal his stuff?

Or is it a costume for dress-up that tells him who he is supposed to be today? Does he have other jackets that say: "George W Bush, Bitch and Front Man For Oil Biggies," or "George W Bush, King of the World," or "George W Bush -- liar, thief, murderer, asshole?"

Or is it the other thing, the thing that made Nixon continually repeat "I am the President" -- a need to tell all those families and parents who you are? A clue, George -- if you have to tell them who you are, you ain't it.


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