Bush lies, ok? He lies. Period. And no, I'm not gonna smile when I say that, podner...

"...podner?" More like "Pod people."

(Someone has to rant on the side of fairness and justice since Dennis Miller decided there was more money to be made kissing the ass of the fear-mongering class, aka The Dark Side).

"Bush Says U.S. Must `Act Now' to Prevent Social Security Cuts"
Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) -- President George W. Bush said Congress must ``act now'' to create private savings accounts under Social Security or the U.S. government will be forced to slash benefits or significantly increase taxes in the future.
He lied when he said that Kerry "saw the same information I did," when he knew it wasn't true. And he's lying now -- and now WE have the same information.

The real numbers?

AFTER 2052, the payout might slide, over the following 30 years, to either 50% or 81% of the full projected COA sum.

Do we REALLY have to wonder how Bush/Cheney giving ONE TRILLION GOVERNMENT TAX DOLLARS to their pals on Wall Street is going to SAVE MONEY?

They're liars. They're thieves. They're scum. Can't someone with more credibility than me (or even Molly Ivins) come out and say it? Or does the prospect of losing those 6-figure salaries seem too terrifying to bear.

Bush and His Henchpeople: They're low-rent, white trash crooks riding high on other people's money and trying to convince us they're Aristocrats. Period.

(My wife hates it when I use that term: "White trash." I use it in limited sense -- a person who delights in his or her own ignorance and has no respect for or even resents, anyone who honors different cultural elements, in short, people of their own society who won't pledge that slavey, ass-kissing behavior they call "loyalty." "Me and my pals are all that counts."

So there are lots and lots and lots of uneducated, poor, white people who could never properly be called "trash," sinc they have a decent bit of respect for others. Real treash usually shows itself when it has lots of Money.)

Obviously, Condoleeza Rice isn't white trash.

They claim they're Christians -- total bullshit.

A Christian of the brand they claim to be is a person who has committed himself or herself to being a conduit for and a tool of God's will.
But these semi-human monsters have it the other way around.
They've decided to use Jesus as a tool for THEIR will -- their greed is more like it, greed for power, money, and authority

Is there any question about that?

And the best the reporters around the White House can say is "He's sincere in his beliefs."

Oh fuck you -- so was Attila the Hun, Tojo, Hitler, Ariel Sharon, Jesus, Yassar Arafat, Mother Teresa, Pontius Pilate, Saint Augustine, and Charles Manson.

So is "sincere" a guarantee of "good?"
"Their strategy is, we're going to scare people, cut benefits, privatize and call it a reform agenda," said Representative Rahm Emanuel, Democrat of Illinois."
Well it worked for LBJ with Gulf of Tonkin. And it worked to stampede congress and the public into bombing the crap out of the local people in Iraq.

Scare 'em, scare' em, scare' em. It's the terror, stupid.

Overhauling Retirement Is Worth Risk, Cheney Says

Doesn't anyone find it curious that these guys are always advocating things they want us to buy but for which THEY don't have to pay the price? None of them need Social Security. What they need is to pay off their pals who put them up there.

Same with everything.

Obviously, with Bush having two daughters and Cheney having one, the "No Women in Combat" statement is prelude to a draft.

None of them have to pay the price.

If they're really concerned about Social Security survivng, they might decide that people making over $80,000 a year pay THE SAME percentage of their income as those making less than $80,000 a year.

In any crime, the question is this: "Cui Bono?" "Who benefits?" Well, I dunno, the people making over $80,000 a year? The people who will get ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of tax money while schools and health care and veterans' medical benefits, infrastructure and everything else but upkeep on Air Force One and Air Force Two?

They're so smug about it they don't even try to hide it. They know they have millions of morons who love them because they, the biggies are just as hypocritical in their claims to spiritual and faith-based concerns as the humble folk. So the humble folk don't have to feel guilty about it.

But with it all spinning around and around, my favorite quote from the Social Security coverage is this one, in today's article:

"The president hasn't offered a specific plan."


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