BBC NEWS -- Woman's family 'to sue Jackson'

He's right -- no way to find a jury of HIS peers -- no one so selfish, weird, self-absorbed and hiseously insensitive to anything but his perceived self-serving ideas of what others need.

"The family of a woman who died after being moved out of a trauma room to accommodate Michael Jackson say they will sue the hospital and the pop star.

Manuela Gomez Ruiz, 74, was moved out of the room at the California hospital after Mr Jackson arrived suffering from 'flu-like symptoms'.

Mrs Ruiz, who was being treated for a massive heart attack, died later that day, the family told ABC News.

The hospital said it was confident of the level of care it gave patients.

The Marian Medical Centre in Santa Maria expressed its deepest sympathy to Mrs Ruiz's family, adding that patient privacy laws prevented it from commenting on individual patients' care, the news channel reported.

A spokesman for Mr Jackson said the pop star sent his condolences to the family, but added that it was 'outrageous' that Mr Jackson's name should be involved, as the situation was beyond his authority and control.

Mr Jackson was taken to hospital as the jury was being selected for his trial on charges of child abuse. Proceedings were delayed for a week as he recovered.

Mrs Ruiz's daughter-in-law, Anna Ruiz, told the news channel that she saw Mr Jackson come into the hospital.

'He walked in,' she said. 'When I saw him, he was walking unassisted.'

She says Mrs Ruiz was taken off a ventilator and her breathing was manually assisted with a handpump during the move.

The grandmother had two more heart attacks that day before she died.

The family says the chaos caused by Mr Jackson's arrival distracted staff, and that only two visitors were allowed into Mrs Ruiz's new room at a time, limiting the amount of time the family could spend with her.

Anna Ruiz said the hospital's policy 'needs to be changed' if a person with flu took precedence over a person with a heart attack."

So he can't deal with going to court, tells his minions "Oh, I feel faint -- maybe I have the flu," they take him to the hospital and he pushes some lady with a heart attack out in the hall, where she dies.

"Why should they blame me? That's just ignorant."

I say they pull off his false nose, throw him into the general population and get Wes Craven to film it.

NC-17 for violence.

And the hospital personnel who fawned over this surgical freak of unnatural weirdness, they get to go along, too.

It's not the patients -- other than Mrs. Ruiz -- who are sick.


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