As if this administration's policy of willful ignorance is anything new

They want what they want when they want it, just like every other 2-year old tantrum-throwing brat needing a helluva lot more slap-down than a time-out.

When Monkey Boy tells us he's open to other plans for 'saving social security,' it flies a bit, at least with the brain-damaged voters who still think he has the merest semblance of knowing the difference between truth and opportunistic bullshit ('Hey Dubya, guess what -- you told the truth!' 'I did?') although it's becoming increasingly obvious the most threatening forces we need to save Social Security from is Dubya and his henchmen. But ok, he's got people looking at other plans.

So then Karl Rove tells us he's got his factota examining every other Social Security plan to find the weak spots that can be used to shoot it down. And so we can see that this brain-wing of the most vicious and selfish and perverted constructs of putatively-human protoplasm ever to stalk the halls of the White House (and I'm including genocidist Andrew Jackson), isn't considering anything but his own preferences.

In other words, if any of those monsters had a thought of serving the public, they'd be looking to see if their non-plan is the best solution.

But instead of trying to find out IF it's the best, he's only looking to prove HOW is it the best, without knowing (or caring) if it is. Kind of like detergent advertising in the 1950's.

It was funny and witty and clever back in the 1970's when the brilliant artist Donald Schule titled one of his museum shows "I Don't Know Art but I Like What I Know."

It's not funny -- it's criminal -- when that perspective drives the use of deadly force and/or the theft of retirement and medical money from poor and old and sick people to give to the smartass Wall Street pals of the Bush-Roverer-BinLadn axis.

When this band of insatiable locusts are gone, they're taking it all with them -- or destroying what's rooted down -- and as Richard and Mimi Farina sang, there'll be nothing but "one or two hard feelings left behind."


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