A Clarification about my attitude toward "Eggs" Benedict XVI

I don't know if he will be good for or bad for the billion people who believe in the Roman version of Christ. I don't know if he was a willing member of Hitler Youth or a forcibly-impressed recalcitrant one, or what he thought as he watched prisoners from Dachau. I don't know what the Holy Roman Church needs, and I don't whether a high-handed authoritarian is a good thing or bad thing IN THE CONTEXT OF RUNNING THAT RELIGIOUS CORPORATION. I would hope he would be of service to those who believe, elevate them, help them to fulfill themselves, to improve their selves.

But I'm not Catholic -- I'm an American. And I know that I do not appreciate this man's efforts to influence our elections -- to interfere with the lives of those of us who DO NOT subscribe to this man's particular version of moonlight. For that reason -- because this foreign lobbyist has tampered with out secular rights -- and because his is the CEO of the organization -- it is only proper that the Catholic Church should lose its tax exempt status -- start paying property taxes, income taxes, taxes on corporate profits (which aren't a hell of a lot here).

Every cent that church -- and any church -- fails to contribute means each and every one of us must pay more. And that is not the same as "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion..." Congress is propping up religious groups that apparently not only can't support themselves, but also use the power of their executive structure over their followers to deprive the rest of us of a free and fair election.

Tax the churches.

Hands off America, Ratburger.


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