There's an old saying that applies to the Bolton nomination

(John Bolton, not Michael. And that's John R. Bolton, not John Bolton the British artist/cartoonist who actually contributes to our society in a positive way. Although, the Brit Bolton certainly knows vampires and other unwholesome creatures when he sees them.)

Anyway, that saying has to do with just how stupid someone else thinks you are:

"You really think you could stick your dick in my mouth and convince me it's a thermometer."

I don't care if the man's "Stalin-is-my-hero" mustache is white instead of black -- he is, or seems to be, by all descriptions, a sociopath. His contempt for anything that isn't him is extraordinary and it underscores the point that, contrary to the common-wisdom statement that there's only one political party -- there isn't ANY political party, just a gaggle of geese showing very few differences from each other.

The differences?

Each one has a place in what is so self-generously called "pecking order."

They're butt-obsessed, i.e., "I kick his butt (our California Obersturmfuhrer)" and all the rest of the manly expressions boasted upon by male and female alike concerning feet and other things being being propelled into and onto anal and gluteal similes.

In fact, there are just two differences among those creatures we pay to work for us, to regulate the vicissitudes, one dealing with what one has up his or her ass, the other dealing with what one has up someone else's ---

You either have a nose or a johnson up your own, and similarly, have YOUR nose or johnson (or strap-on) up someone else's.

It's a degenerate, mean-spirited daisy chain, and the only reason a virulently obscene psycho like Bolton is riding so high is because of the size of the wang he's sitting on -- Cheney's dick, from what they say.

Political parties? Get real. It's dogs sniffing and fucking each other out there.

Our government, sad to say, is dominated by a bunch of push-and-shove bureaucrats -- and a bureaucrat ain't nothin' but an idiot savante executive. The people who actually want to do something useful duck, hide, and hope for the best.

Many years ago, on a cold winter day in Philadelphia, PA, I had a realization prompted by my emotional reaction to a parking meter and mentioned it to a lovely young woman name Karen. I said "I just realized I'm an anarchist." And she said, "Then you must LOVE living in America."

The following week, she sent me a copy of a publication called "Good Soup" put out by the Federation of Anarchists in New York. Try though I might, the only image I could generate concerning a "federation of anarchists" was a bunch of people who got together intermittently and argued about Roberts' Rules of Order.

Back to our elected officials and their appointees -- they're brain dead but arrogant and nasty, so I can only recommend that we, their employers, pull their feeding tubes, meaning we specifically make ANY and ALL financial contributions to ANYONE running for office illegal, to be prosecuted as the bribe it is.

Let the airwaves -- which we legally own and only allow corporations to use -- let the networks give over the free time to those people for debates, statements, and Q&A from random public.

It may seem to be a bizarre idea but really, when you think about it, not nearly so perverted and weird as civil servants acting as if they actually OWN America, instead of merely having been HIRED to protect it from people more or less like themselves.


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