A secular revelation concerning President Monkey Boy

... as he goes blithely along, chatting with carefully selected small groups to promote this or that, and I thought about the "fencepost turtle" tag another Texan put on him (that he didn't get up there by himself, won't be able to do anything while he there's unless someone else helps him, etc), and how the minions of the undead are acting in his name (Otto Reich vouches for John Bolton? Otto Reich, Iran-Contra Anti-Castro fanatic who pressed hard to get a US visa for Orlando Bosch, anti-Castro fanatic bomber who was convicted of blowing up a civilian Cuban passenger plane and killing 73 civilian passengers allegedly to get to two suspected terrorists. Otto Reich then convinced Poppy Bush to give Bosch a pardon so he could live comfortably in Florida with the other Batista murderers and torturers. Who's the terrorist in that picture? Bush? Bosch?)

And then I saw this quote:

"No bird soars too high

If he soars with his own wings."

William Blake

And it reminded me of what we all have known -- that he's been riding on Daddy's wings, and the Ben Ladn family's wings, and etc...

And what some of us suspected -- and expected (as in that cliche of watching the slo-motion car crash) that poor Junior -- Young Icarus Bush -- he's falling, falling, falling, and he had been raised so high up by others that the ground doesn't YET seem to be getting closer, so he hasn't YET had to try to flap those spoiled-brat wings, the ones he has barely used.

He's NEVER had to flap his own wings to save himself. And now, the wax has melted.

And the diehards say, "Oh but he's so sincere."

Funny, because the word itself -- sincere -- literally means "without wax."

And he's falling falling falling like the pasengers on the Cuban airliner his henchman blew up, falling like the working-stiffs in the WTC were falling falling falling because his daddy's policies (and those of his daddy's pals in the Carlyle Group) had been so egregiously greedy, they finally created and woke up a monster more feral and brutal than any we'd seen before.

(Other than the monsters both of his grand-daddies got rich on financing in Germany in the 30's and 40's, well into 1942 until congress stopped them from buying bullets for the Nazi's to shoot our soldiers.)

For those who are familiar with the character Osvald Alving of Henrik Ibsen's play Ghosts, it would suffice to point to the fellow and say, "vermoulu".

For those who aren't familiar with the play, Ibsen uses the term in its sense of "hereditarily worm-eaten."

Sins of the father and all that.


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