Dear Monkey Boy -- to clarify yesterday's post

I am not going to do anything to hurt you, for all you've hurt me and all of us not a part of your crowd. Won't do anything except to keep writing these posts demonstrating my almost incomprehensible contempt for you.

The ones who are going to do you are Cheney and Rove -- they're going to cut your balls off for the benefit of their masters and leave you holding the empty bag.

Most of my contempt is because of your strategy of driving the debt through the ceiling by letting your pals loot the treasury as a way of justifying the gutting of all social service programs -- let the poor die, is your philosophy, and if the middle class is up to their eyes in debt paying your insurance company friends, well that'll keep them out of your hair. Correction -- SOMEONE'S strategy, the same one used under Ronnie Reagan and your dad.

So now you come all crocodile tears complaining -- as if you gave a shit -- that "Oh my, social security is going to die and we need to protect it."

I wonder how many people are cursing your name right now and have been for a while.

You want to blame someone, blame your dad, who wanted Jeb up there not you, blame him for Cheney and Rove, blame him for the Carlyle Group and the Pipeline they want, and ultimately all his partners... the people who really run things in this country.

We can't change anything -- we don't even know the names of the people who give your masters their orders. But at least we can flip a middle finger or spit as your motorcade drives by. We can call you an asshole while waiting in line at a supermarket and have a dozen strangers say, "You got THAT right."

Your presidential library should be designed to look like a giant lollipop, because if you don't see what a sucker they're making out of you as they steal from us, you're even dumber than anyone thought. And they're laughing their asses off because you STILL just don't get it -- they'll use you till hell won't have it and then toss you aside like a used condom out the window of the back seat of a '72 Buick on a Saturday night. And they'll walk away with impunity while national and international contempt for you will make Watergate look like Disneyland.

Not that the thought generates any sympathy -- you played the game, you took the prizes, you killed the Texas Death Row prisoners, killed Iraqis, our soldiers and Marines, killed the old and the sick by making their medical care and drugs too expensive for them, and now you get to eat the shit. Yum-yum, eh?

You'll find out what Bill Clinton went through when your Dad's pal's decided to make him suffer for having had the temerity to beat him. But while he stood up there and dealt with it and came out victorious, you'll crack -- you won't even make it through the second round -- and once again, we'll all see how much more of a man he is than you.

Hell, as WC Fields said, "I could carve a better man out of a banana."

They call your administration Nazi's, not because of anti-semitism or any of such things your people put up for a smokescreen. Aside from the myriad connections you and your family and they and their families have to the Third Reich.

They call you Nazi's because you have systematically shut down the legal avenues of opposition, slandered and destroyed reputations of anyone who opposes you -- and all in pursuit of the same "Dreamquest for Impossible Perfection"* they had -- to rule the world, because if you can rule the world, well then maybe you'll be a GOOD boy and mommy and daddy will love you.

You and Hitler -- horrible damage, vicious times, damned forever, but in retrospect, just two pathetic losers who could create nothing but pain.

Fuck you.

Respectfully yours..

*Term coined by John Aes-Nihil of Aes-Nihil Productions



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