President plans push to restore support for war

--- the first step, make sure no one pays any attention to the man behind the curtain ... nor the man with his hand up the sock puppet's ass....

From the Chicago Tribune, June 24, 2005

WASHINGTON -- As Democrats began a somber recital of names of the war dead Thursday evening on the floor of the House, Bush administration officials seemed to contradict each other on the strength of the insurgency in Iraq, a clash punctuated by fresh news of 40 deaths in a 12-hour span.

At a Senate hearing earlier in the day, Gen. John Abizaid's assessment of the war appeared to be at odds with Vice President Dick Cheney's recent assertion that the insurgency is 'in the last throes.' And Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was peppered with questions challenging the administration's prosecution of the war.

At this potentially crucial turning point, with public opinion noticeably shifting against the war, President Bush is embarking on a renewed campaign to bring Americans back to the cause that he has made a centerpiece of his presidency. Bush faces a political imperative to avoid a toll taken on presidents before him: Regaining support for an unpopular cause before his party pays the price at the polls.

His challenge is whether presidential suasion can turn the public back in favor of a conflict mired in grim news.

Bush will seek a national audience for a crucial address next week as he attempts to 'sharpen the message' with a forceful explanation of why the United States is still engaged in deadly combat one year after handing civilian authority to the Iraqis. He will also describe what it will take for American forces to come home"

-- it's not like we don't already know he's a lying poofter, that he's starting to squirm now that he's gotten a clue that the people he's enriched are leaving him holding the bag.
Remember during the Tet offensive how Macnamara lied about the weather, told Americans the rains had ended (thereby allowing air support to come in) because he decided we were tired of hearing bad news. Of course the soldiers and marines up to their asses in mud were ALSO tired of the rain, but THEY couldn't just change the fucking channel.


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