Well, then, we can see from looking at this administration, that those Conservatives who understand war is war, respond immediately -- and find some way to get out of the draft or to join the KIND OF National Guard unit that real National Guardsmen sneer at:

The Kiddie-Car Guard for Rich Kids.

It doesn't matter how many Guardsmen Bush and his Hidey-Hole buddies (or is it his Butt-hole hide-outs? Hmm.) get killed in Iraq. NO one impugned the national Guard, even though Rove and his pals tried to convince people that's what was being said. People pointed to a bogus outfit in which MonkeyBoy learned to fly a jet that had been already declared obsolete for Vietnam, and then didn't even attend enough to fulfill his legal obligation, presumably because it would have taken time away from knocking up all the local girls a uniform could entice and snorting up all the coke his grandaddies' money could buy.

But along that line -- what is the family tradition here?

Well, impending war in the Bush-Walker generation meant getting in there and selling enemy bonds for the Third Reich -- in fact continuing to do so for nearly a year after WWII began, until congress stopped them. In other words, Bush's money came from selling the bullets to Reich Soldiers even as they were actually using them to kill our people. Nice going Mr. Moral Stance.

As to the Grand-pere of the Rove family (still Roverer then), it meant personally designing the Birkenau section of Auschwitz, the section with the gas chambers and crematoria.

In short -- these are the scions of the scum of the earth -- third generation slime molds in human form -- and there's not a goddamn thing any one of them can tell any one of us about patriotism, not today, not yesterday, not tomorrow.

As to the committment of the National Guard in general-- I come from Pennsylvania -- a state where the National Guard went FIRST to Europe in WWI, with the AEF, and more than 80% were killed. And -- nationally speaking -- guess who went among the first in Korea? Yep. Of course, joining the Guard always meant you MIGHT just do charity drives for your military obligation, but not always. Unless you were a rich kid and daddy bought you a PlayPen with a Uniform.

Oh, and Karl -- it's my understanding that your first wife in Houston -- the rich one -- had more than a few interesting things to say about you in an interview. I don't know what they were, but I can tell you this -- the person who told me about it -- a person who despises you even more than I do -- talking about it made him smile like a Cheshire Cat. Of course that could just be wishful thinking and rumors. I can't verify that any such interview ever took place or that there is any such tape.


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