Dear George -- LOYALTY TO THE COUNTRY! Not to your pals

I know I said it before and I'll say it again.
And again.
Until he gets the idea.

If you want to be a Big Man to your pals, stay in the private sector.

If you want to serve your country, your loyalty is to the Constitution (you swore an oath before the God you claim to worship).

And if you want the issue of High Crimes and Misdemeanors to come up, just keep on hiding out and taking Roverer's advice. (Because when the shit really comes down, Turd Blossom will be in Switzerland, ringing his dual citizenship bell as loud as he can. No extradition. He'll let them cut off your balls and leave you holding the empty bag. That's the kind of loyalty you can expect from him when the ride is over.)

Because what we're seeing right now is a President who is afraid of the press, afraid to think, afraid to come out in day light, afraid of everything because you may be getting the RIGHT idea, i.e., that you're THEIR patsy.

YOU OWE US, Dubya -- US -- not Rove, not Rummy, not Cheney --- US, the American Public.

You were the one who stood up and asked for the job.

You were the one who made promises -- doesn't matter if Rove wrote them for you -- they came out of your mouth.

You were the one who took the money and took the job and took the treasury and the taxpayers for all they were worth.

So now it's getting tougher than you thought -- thousands of dead bodies and maimed bodies and everyone is laughing at you when we're not crying about what you've done to the USA's place in the world...

It was bad enough when we thought you were a moron, but honest.

Now it turns out the truth is something you wouldn't recognize if it bit you on the ass.

Do the job right or resign.

Tell the truth or resign.

Because the Truth MAY just jump up and bite you on the ass.

And this time around -- impeachment time around -- even tho they're your own party -- they may actually convict to protect their own necks.


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