It's always fun to see Dubya running around in circles***, but...

I have to agree with what someone said the other day --- the neo-phrase “global struggle against violent extremism” sounds like something the Democrats would come up with.

Bush, a can-do** sort of guy, showed executive power and leadership, stamped his foot, threw a hissy fit and threatened to hold his breath and turn blue if Karen Hughes didn't let him go back to "War on Terror."

The only satisfaction one can find these days is to register Libertarian -- even if the whole thing called United States of America falls apart -- which it seems to be doing -- at least you get the simple pleasure of calling Republicans "Liberals* " and "Lefties*."

---*Topics with which to dance on their heads: Taxes, Spending, Starting a War (they always used to point a finger at the Democrats as "getting us into war"), Spending, Acting like True Christians by having Tolerance for Gay people (Nominating for Supreme Court Justice a man who participated -- PRO BONO -- in the Landmark 1996 Gay Rights Victory -- overturning Colorado's odious pro-discrimination intitiative -- Romer v Evans), Spending, and for all libertarians, both Big-L and Small-L -- instituting a Theocracy, and Spending.

** My apologies to a dear and valued friend, an intelligent, moderate, thoughtful person and a Republican, a man whose comments often make me think and reconsider my assumptions, for japing a comment he made to me the other day about the "can-do" guys in this administration ...I'd rather make light of things said by ignorant dumbass right-wingers, but moderate, thoughtful Republicans are the only ones who are even willing to talk with me.

***An older lady accosted me as I left the post office the other day, having overheard my conversation, and tore into me about how the Valerie Plame business and etc was all lies and, she said, "You people will do ANYTHING to get President Bush out of office ..." She ranted on and on, and I interrupted her and said, "No, you're right. It's true -- I would do ANYTHING to get him out of there -- I think he's a liar and thief and has done nothing but steal and kill to line his pals' pockets, so yes, you're absolutely right about that."


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