George Galloway says Blair and Bush 'have blood on their hands'

---Of course they do -- they're on top of the pile. Did you think there was EVER any other way those people got there?

And by the way -- who doesn't? The guys the next tier down? The MP's? The commuters who use the oil? The bicycle riders who use the petro-chem based plastics?

Guardian Unlimited

Tony Blair and George Bush have "far more blood on their hands" than the terrorists who carried out the London tube bombings, George Galloway said today.

---so it's about HOW MUCH blood you have on your hands, is it?

Do you have MORE blood on your hands if your ride uses MORE gas and oil? Do you have less if your bicycle only has a LITTLE BIT of plastic and the rubber tyres are quite narrow so only a few plantation workers went down under the ground for your spiffy little two-wheeler?
Or is it like "a little bit pregnant?" Isn't it "Out out damned spot," all the time, whether a river or a lake, a creek or a puddle...

He said that the "al-Qaida phenomenon" had arisen directly as a result of western policies in the Middle East.

Gee, took some real digging to figure that out? Lessee -- The Crown sent Tee-Hee Lawrence into Mesopotamia to push out the Turks, disconnect the Kurds, and carve a country called Iraq out of the whole mess, because there was oil there. Didn't you know that?

And you were right about that, Georgie Boy, but you should have let it go at that. Because anyone who's ridden a tram or a lorry, a car or a mototcycle, turned on the electric lights or heated the house with gas owns a piece of that hot Middle Eastern death.

In other words, had Lawrence and Faisal and the rest not killed and killed and killed some more, and Saddam Hussein not been installed to keep on killing and Bush I burying thousands and killing hundreds of thousands more with his embargo and Clinton bombing the crap out of the "No-Fly" zones, and Bush II -- admittedly rather more of an asshole than the rest, but still --- without them committing their crimes, and getting you the technology on which you depend, you couldn't have gotten to that lovely place of moral superiority where you could throw shit at them like some sort of great white ape in a zoo, pretending the keepers haven't been feeding you all

(Oh, we loved you when you came over and flung feces at Bush and Cheney and the rest ... but then what? Should have quit while you were ahead. Columbus discovered America and let it go at that. He didn't feel a great need to discover Australia or New Zealand. No, he just decided to join the establishment and became a vicious soulless murdering despot inthe New World. )

Yes, they're and scum and murderers and they kill for greed, but please, let's not forget you're not living in an unlighted croft somewhere in the Highlands, climbing down to the water to cast the string into the sea with a hook made of bone to catch and eat fish. My guess is you're just as guilty as the rest, shouting "Hear Hear" in Parliament as if you were some whoopty-hoopty elegant lord instead of the backalley brawler you had to become to get to where you are today.

Everyone is guilty -- it's just that Tony and the other George are not as good at it as you have to be to get away with it.

So take a break from the moral horseshit and either do something to change it or shut up. It's too fucking easy to throw shit at the Sociopathic Cowboy and his Pet Boy, Tony.

They're waay too easy, especially with Tony now channeling Winston Molehill and telling everyone how he'll slap down anyone who tries to think about how things may look from the other side. You're in for a long dark night over there, and... gee don't you wish there were some sort of MP who would stand up, acknowledge his part in the society, and try to make it better?


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