Dear George: You've seen it done in movies -- just cover your ears and sing "LA-LA-LA-LA" as loud as you can and you won't hear anything BAD.

Ambidextrous: "The assistant secretary of the Army, Mississippi's former U.S. Rep. Mike Parker, was forced out Wednesday after he criticized the Bush administration's proposed spending cuts on Army Corps of Engineers' water projects, members of Congress said..."

The reason there's a saying "Don't kill the messenger," is because assholes in power have DONE IT as far back as history can go.

Parker's nomination to head the corps drew heavy criticism last year from environmental groups pushing to downsize the agency, calling its flood control projects too costly and destructive..."

OK -- I admit it -- enivronmentalists (as distinct from people who care about the environment, rather than the POLITICS of environment) are the folks used to be MY folks, getting all Pat Robertson about things -- absolute and fundamental, rigid in everything but the one place some tension might be relieved -- regarding the environment as if we're not already in it, as if we haven't already made so many changes they need to be managed ... OR ... I guess there's an alternative -- getting a real nice typhoid - cholera - etc epidemic ... the kind you might have after a flood, reduce the population by --- oh, 80-90%. (And the Bushwah admin actually did something the environmentalists wanted? Amazing.

Parker earned the ire of administration officials when he questioned Bush's planned budget cuts for the corps, including two controversial Mississippi projects.

"I think he was fired for being too honest and not loyal enough to the president," said lobbyist Colin Bell, who represents communities with corps-funded projects.

Bell said Parker resigned about noon after being given about 30 minutes to choose between resigning or being fired.



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