Jee-zus H. Christ on a crutch! I suppose we can expect this fellow to get fired next.

If this is a fact,then we've moved from the realm of "What are we doing to fix this" to "Is it even POSSIBLE to fix this?"

Passing along another post from Ambidextrous:

Even then, there may be nothing normal about New Orleans, because the floodwater, spiked with tons of contaminants ranging from heavy metals and hydrocarbons to industrial waste, human feces and the decayed remains of humans and animals, will linger nearby in the Gulf of Mexico for a decade.

'This is the worst case,' Hugh B. Kaufman, a senior policy analyst at the Environmental Protection Agency, said of the toxic stew that contaminates New Orleans. 'There is not enough money in the gross national product of the United States to dispose of the amount of hazardous material in the area.'"


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