A little clear, thoughtful insight to our situation

Please stop fetishising integration.
Equality is what we really need

by Gary Younge in the Guardian, Monday, September 19, 2005

Where race is concerned there are, it seems, some words that just don't go together. No matter how many young drunken white men beat each other up over the weekend, there is no such thing as white-on-white crime. No matter how many non-white people flee inner-city neighbourhoods for better schools and services, there is no such thing as "black flight". And no matter how bitter their ethnic divides, white people never engage in "tribal conflict".

And so it is that it seems to make no difference how segregated their lives, white people rarely ever seem to live in ghettoes. When a group of white people gather, they call it a country club, boardroom or - for most of the last century - House of Commons. But when non-white people reach a critical mass in any area, they always hit the G-spot - the point at which policymakers scream.

--- it goes on into specifics and is important. Many white folk will not even understand it. Because, as the mentor of my youth would say, explaining extra-environmental reality, "I don't know who discovered water, but it sure as hell wasn't a fish." Mr. Young is looking clearly at our whites-only pond. Read on here:


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