The one good thing to come out of the Roberts/Chief Justice Hearings

In the very beginning, Teddy Kennedy said what I wanted to hear SOMEONE on the WHITE GUILT panel say when Clarence (Uncle) Thomas made his resoundingly bullshit plea, coached to the last intonation by Fred Thompson (back from pretending to be a District Attorney on Law & Order to do it again, teach some fellow how to pretend to be a Supreme Court judge.)

We all remember that Judge Thomas said:

"This is a high-tech lynching."

And I thought -- no Judge Thomas

This isn't a lynching -- it's a job interview

and you're not Emmett Till

and if you don't get the job, you go back to your $80,000 a year Federal-judge-for-life job.

But you knew -- or Fred Thompson knew -- there wasn't a white man on the panel with the consciousness and balls to throw down on a black man, even though everyone knew you got where you were by being Ronnie Reagan's House Nigger, and tugged your forelock and shuffled yore feet and yassir'd his people for years to finally convince them you could be trusted to have no natural sense of rhythm and no natural backbone, but only an appropriately simple one provided by Massa Ronnie and his minions.

But this time around, Teddy Kennedy said it in his opening statement -- "This is a job interview, so refusing to answer is not going to get you the job.

Of course, he said it to the wrong candidate, and of course he was wrong -- Roberts smiled and smiled and smiled and refused to answer and he's going to get the job -- but at least it got said only a dozen or so years too late.


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