Cheney to find out what's behind the tight smiles -- surgery next week

Vice President Dick Cheney will undergo an elective surgery next weekend to treat an aneurysm in an artery behind his right knee. The condition, discovered earlier this year during a routine checkup, needs to be treated "as to not become a problem over time," Steve Schmidt, counselor to the vice president, said Friday.

"The procedure will be performed under local anesthetic," Schmidt said. "It will take place next weekend. It will involve a short hospital stay. The vice president will return to work shortly thereafter..."

An aneurysm is a ballooning weak spot in an artery that, as blood pounds through, can eventually burst if left untreated.

Those in the knee, popliteal aneurysms, act a little differently. They're less likely to burst than are aneurysms in other parts of the body. But blood clots can form in the weakened artery that can break off and cause a stroke, or block circulation in the leg.

It should go simply and smoothly, BUT if plans are afoot to do a Spiro Agnew on him (i.e., we want the prez the hell out of there because he's fucking up our good thing, but we can't let this bozo take over), we should all say goodbye now. And wait for Bush to be removed -- pleasantly or not.

(Oh come on -- Rehnquist died conveniently enough to distract the press from the disintegration of both Iraq and Bush's poll numbers. And if you recall, Ronnie's plug got pulled just in time to do a 2-week death-fest that just happened to cover up another shitstorm -- oh, you think I'm paranoid? All just coincidental? Right. And yet 'realists' actually believe the Democrats and the 'liberals' -- of which there are precious few in the Democratic party -- are all conspiring to destroy America for ... for what reason was that?)


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