"Two previously unseen paintings by Leonardo da Vinci have gone on public display for the first time in Italy, the BBC reported.

One is an alternative version of his "Virgin of the Rocks," with the infant Jesus and the infant John the Baptist.

The other, showing Mary Magdalene, is thought to have been completed by Leonardo with the help of one of his pupils about 1515.

Both paintings, from a private collection, are being displayed at the Mole Vanvitelliana museum in Ancona."

The painting of Mary Magdalene, which shows her holding a veil over her belly, was only recently discovered and authenticated. "
NY Times 10/17/05

The picture above is -- like Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show back when -- cropped to only show above the waist -- but it is actually full-length and --


Hello Baigent and Leigh, Holy Blood, Holy Grail and Da Vinci Code people.

There's your Holy Grail (her womb).

There's your "Divine Right of Kings" (his bloodline).

There are the Three Marias.

There's Ms Magdalene looking very much "ohbaby ohbaby ohbaby oh baby."

There's your Jesus and Mary, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

(Hey -- it's a Mystery Religion, right? Well, it's a mystery.) Posted by Picasa


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