I know it's unseemly to laugh at the disintegration of the Bush Cabal, so...

...only one laugh for each smirk we endured the last 5 years.

... and a chuckle for each "heh, heh, heh" Mad Doctor ejaculation.

... And a hearty "FUCK YOU, MONKEY BOY" for each person who died so Monkey Boy could act like a Big Man, fucking up yet another job bought for him by Daddy and his friends, playing out his role as some sort of Rich Dyslexic White Trash Protestant version of David Berkowitz, whining that it's not HIS fault --


What a second rate bunch of animated fecal protoplasm we got this time around.

Is it any wonder they refused to join the World Court?

Remember, the World Court would only have jurisdiction in countries where the legal system was unable to function.

They said, "Our poor soldiers," but what they really meant was "Join an organization where rich privileged people like us can be held accountable? Never1"

It would resemble the Nuremberg Trials, Bush - Cheney - Rove -- Rumsfeld -- Goerring -- Himmler -- Hitler -- Goebbels -- Eichmann -- Rice... et al.


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