Kristol: “I hate the criminalization of politics.”

Kristol: “I hate the criminalization of politics.”

And Digby sez:

I'll bet he does. Perhaps he should have thought of that before he and his little friends used the Independent Counsel Statute and majority status in the congress to normalize character assassination, bogus lawsuits, election stealing and partisan impeachments...

Yes, that criminalization of politics is a real bitch, isn't it Bill? Now that Republicans have a professional federal prosecutor on their asses for serious crimes they are, predictably, stomping their tiny feet and wailing like a big bunch 'o babies.

Tell it to Bill Clinton and all the people who worked for him who were never convicted of anything but had their careers ruined by Kristol's hit men during the 90's --- a decade of nonstop trivial GOP smears to which he gladly lent his stentorian hectoring about about morality and "the rule of law."

Now we have a full-fledged criminal enterprise and illegal patronage machine running the government and they are squealing hysterically because the law is finally catching up to them --- and without any help from the hapless Democrats who have no power to do jack shit.

They've ALL always been like that -- big tough hard-chargers, they tell us how fucking tough they are, push and shove and laugh at Democrats who suggest there were some people conspiring to take the Prez down, but NOW -- it's a big fucking full-fledged conspiracy, because after all --- and this is the scary part -- they've pretended to be Christians so well, they must be sacrosanct and holy, right? The worst part for them is that the real Christians, the ones who have sincere beliefs, who were so easily worked because their moral codes made it impossible for them to accept Bill Clinton's behavior, the people they've postured to, are, well, as Wm Burroughs used to say, "The mark's comin' up on us."

I say, fine, let 'em drown in their own venom.


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