Bush: Miers' Religion Cited in Court Nod

... Bush, speaking at the conclusion of an Oval Office meeting with visiting Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski, said that his advisers were reaching out to conservatives who oppose her nomination "just to explain the facts." He spoke on a day in which conservative James Dobson, founder of Focus on Family, said he had discussed the nominee's religious views with presidential aide Karl Rove....

In other words, Karl Rove is at it again, this time GUARANTEEING the doubters that Ms Miers can be COUNTED ON to ALWAYS BE BIASED, that they can relax, knowing, whatever the facts or consitutional issues of any case that will ever come up involving abortion, or the line between church and state, or gay rights, or any of the other things the finger-shaking scolders hold dear, Ms Miers has already made her decision.

Ms Harriet Miers, the Judicial slot machine -- put in a nickle and out comes Anti-Choice, Anti-Gay, Pro-Death Penalty, etc.


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