Thousands Turn Out to Protest Bush Visit

Yeah, well it's not as if no one told him that the Argentinians despise him almost as much as we do... (see posting below titled "President Bush: We do not want you to come to our country.)

By DAN MOLINSKI Associated Press Writer

November 04,2005 | MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina -- A crowd of 10,000 people chanting "Get out Bush!" swarmed the streets of this Argentine resort Friday, hours before the hemisphere's leaders sat down to debate free trade, immigration and job creation at the fourth Summit of the Americas.

Before dawn, thousands greeted a train bringing the last group of protesters from Buenos Aires, including Bolivian presidential hopeful Evo Morales and soccer great Diego Maradona, who donned a T-shirt accusing President Bush of war crimes.

Chanting "Fascist Bush! You are the terrorist!" the protesters hung from the engine and moved up the sides of the train, trying to shake hands with those inside.

Later, they took to the streets, heading toward a stadium where Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was scheduled to make a speech before joining the summit. Chavez arrived early Friday, saying he was "inspired" by the protesters.

The march was mostly peaceful, although some self-proclaimed anarchists spray-painted slogans on a bank. Most businesses along the route had closed, except for a fruit stand protected by a wall of wooden crates.

"So far, I've only lost four bananas," owner Blas Zanghi said.


Maybe he thinks he'll do a Nixon, get better ratings when Argentinians spit on him.

Yeah, well, I can only hope he WILL do a Nixon, but the G. Gordon Liddy way (the Scooter Libby way?).

Nixon was brought down -- by his own doings, of course but -- by Woodward, Bernstein, Judge Sirica, Xerox and Wollensack.

Bush will be able to attribute his own disgrace (again, to his own vile doings, but) to Google and Blogs and the Internet ... because he and his pack of locusts don't yet seem fully aware that every time they change their story, the original story still exists in e-space.

Republican, Democrat, whatever -- the ability to lie and get away with it becomes more difficult. That's why the Internet scares them so much. And there's nothing wrong with that at all.


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