Bush and Abramoff

Time says it has now seen five photographs of George W. Bush and Jack Abramoff together. McClellan said last week that Abramoff had visited the White House for a few "staff-level meetings" and a couple of Hanukkah parties....

But there's also a picture of Bush, Abramoff and Raul Garza Sr., the blue-jeaned and bolo-tied chairman of the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe, a Texas Indian tribe Abramoff represented.

A Hanukkah party? Well, no. The photo seems to have been taken in May 2001 when Bush met with tribal leaders at the Old Executive Office Building -- a meeting arranged with the help of both Abramoff and Grover Norquist.


But the photo is misleading because it doesn't record what Bush was saying when he shook Abramoff's hand:

"Hi, you must be Ken Lay whom I've never met."


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