IT's USEFUL to Bush to have Osama ben Ladn running around loose, because Osama is portrayed as Freddy Kruger, so the only people he actually has his henchmen chase are the few people left who are trying to protect our land and animals.

Funny -- he's not even doing the actual fighting and he's STILL acting like a snivelling little coward.

ELF and ALF are valid political entities with a valid political point of view and the tactics of those people who represent themselves as acting on behalf of ELF or ALF are no more extreme than those of the sheriffs, the FBI, the DEA, or any other legal organization -- usually less extreme, actually.

But of course, if you fuck with the profits that come from destroying the land, you've crossed the line.

Hey -- we outnumber those guys (the Bush Administration) 200 million to maybe 10,000. Isn't there SOMETHING we can do?


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