Jack Abramoff and Osama ben Ladn?

Washington Post, 9/27/01:

SunCruz Casinos LLC has turned over to the FBI surveillance pictures and other records from two Florida gambling cruises on Sept. 5. In both cases, a company official said, there was a passenger who looked similar to one of the [9/11] hijackers, and the name given by the passenger was either the same or similar to the hijacker's name.

Associated Press, 9/27/05

Police would not comment on whether they got any big breaks from Abramoff or his former partner, Adam Kidan, both of whom were indicted Aug. 11 on federal fraud charges in connection with their September 2000 purchase of SunCruz Casinos for $145.7 million from Boulis.

Oh, of course he COULDN'T have helped set up the single greatest crime in American history as a way to solidify the grip of Bush- Cheney- Rove- Rumsfeld and the Republican Party into a long-lasting stranglehold (which it did), could he?

Of course not. (Waddaya, crazy or something'?)

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