"Bush administration: The president didn't mean what he said in SOTU

"Remember that bit in Tuesday night's State of the Union address where George W. Bush said that new technology will help the United States 'replace more than 75 percent of our oil imports from the Middle East by 2025'?

Forget it.

'This was purely an example,' Bush's energy secretary, Samuel Bodman, tells Knight Ridder. Bodman says the president's real goal is to reduce foreign oil imports from anywhere, not from the Middle East in particular. An administration official says Bush used the words 'Middle East' in his State of the Union address just so 'every American sitting out there listening to the speech understands.'

Understands what, we're not exactly sure. During his speech Tuesday night, Bush said he will press the fight against 'tyranny' around the world, push to lower the costs of healthcare, propose increases in funding for education and research, lead a renewed fight against HIV/AIDS and cut the deficit in half by 2009. Are we to 'understand' that those were 'just examples,' too?

-- Tim Grieve

or as some smartass who flies under the flag called SAINTPERLE more or less said the other day:

"That backstabbing, bushwhacking, pusillanomous sonofabitch Bush will say ANYTHING when the camera is on him, but when the camera's off and the room's quiet, he's back down on his knees giving blowjobs to the Ben Ladn family.

It's called 'loyalty,' given how many times the Ben Ladn family pulled HIM out of the shit (read Fortunate Son).

His loyalty doesn't actually extend to the American public, the Constitution, or America itself, for that matter.

It's good he got the dog -- at least there's SOME creature in the White House with a sense of loyalty.

No impeachment.
Turn him over to the World Court for War Crimes. See if he'll get up as high as Tojo did.


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