Bush veto threat to save Dubai bid for U.S. ports

"After careful review by our government, I believe the transaction ought to go forward," Bush said, referring to a study that began in October and ended, quietly and without objections from inside his administration, on Jan. 16.

There are nearly 2300 dead Americans in iraq who know just how thorough a "careful review" by this mob of unconscious and conscienceless criminals can be.

"I want those who are questioning it to step up and explain why all of a sudden a Middle Eastern company is held to a different standard than a Great British company. I am trying to conduct foreign policy now by saying to the people of the world, 'We'll treat you fairly.' ''

And why people ask, does this bozo get away with this stuff? Because when he says something like that above "We'll treat you fairly" quote, thinking people just gape in horrified amazement and say "Whaaaa?"

These are the people -- tough realpolitik guys who, all along, keep telling us the old saw, that where countries are concerned, "we don't have 'friends,' we have common interests."

Personally, I don't really enjoy having ANY foreign country controlling the operation of our ports, even one with as many historically and continuing overlapping common intersts as does the UK with the US.

But Dubai?
The United Arab Emirates?

I said it before -- I would be more inclined to believe at least SOME of what that smiling jerk says if EVERY plan he endorses didn't end up putting OUR money in HIS old pals' pockets.

Charlie Brown and the Mugger.

Check the BUSH Family/UAE business-financial history.

Makes Cheney and Halliburton look like strangers who just met.

The thieving locusts are back on a roll, because after ALL we've heard and seen about them in the past year, the public -- so they perceive -- STILL hasn't even yelled about the pain and anger they feel from the continual abuse.

They have total contempt for us because we obviously deserve it. We're this administrations' battered wives, who insist it's gonna change (and this bully, unlike most battering bullies, doesn't even say 'I'm sorry'.")

We can be thankful, at least, that his cronies in congress realize there's an election coming up and there are enough people out there who are disgruntled to opt for the OTHER white meat -- the Democrats.

Let's imagine that will be better.


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