Poll: California Political Pessimism Grows

The public has become deeply pessimistic that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Legislature can work together since a massive public works plan failed to make the June ballot, according to a new poll.

The Legislature's approval rating has fallen to 25 percent -- its lowest point since 2000 -- the survey released Thursday by the Public Policy Institute of California shows, while the governor's popularity has changed little since January, with 37 percent giving him a positive rating.

In January, Schwarzenegger proposed a $222 billion, 10-year plan to improve the state's highways, levees, schools and public transit systems. It relied on $68 billion in borrowing that required voter approval over a series of elections.


It's too bad -- having thoroughly established himself as a bully, a thug, and an asshole, insulting the manhood of the legislators along the way by comparing them dismissively to women (something the women in the government didn't especially appreciate, either) he's focusing attention on dealing with things that really need doing, but, having pissed off everyone he's dealt with till now, no one wants to see his swagger or hear his boastful voice.

Something about first impressions. And second impressions.

Well, wottehell, Archie -- he got in on meaningless superficial image stuff, and now he's going down on the same thing.

Too bad.
The projects he's addressing REALLY need attention FAST.
He should have tried a little politeness.

Ah well, Ahnold found out what every other governor found out -- no one can run California. Can't be done.

So it's some comfort -- even if cold comfort -- to see the swaggering tough guys come in, one after another, each one shouting about how he can do a better job than the poor bastard who's sitting there in Sacramento wondering whyinhell he ever wanted to be governor in the first place, only to be taken down a few pegs when he wins and finds out it's "Welcome to the Machine" as he feels his teeth and bones start to go crunch.


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