Whatever happened to the "Do not call" registration to eliminate telephone ear-spam,?

I used to be kind to those poor bastards who were reduced to getting the bottom-of-the barrel leads to call and hit up for funds:

"Hi -- I'm calling for the Blah-Blah Police Department, you know, The POLICE!"

"Good morning Mr. Saintperle, and how are you today?"

"I'm calling for a selected survey and..."

I used to say things like: "Sorry, I'm working, but good luck," or "Wow, if they're giving you my name as a lead they have NO RESPECT for you at all."

But, of course, the assholes in congress decided that there would be exemptions (based on who voted for them, paid them off, to whit:)

Non-profit organizations.

Tax-exempt organizations.

People with whom I do business. (** This one is the Catch-22 trap.**)

In other words, the psychotic religious fanatic al quaeda (Arabic for "the Base") of the current administration.

I'm sorry, I may sympathize with Planned Parenthood (ahh, would that they could have legally aborted the hysterical thugs outside their clinics who glory in terrorizing teenage girls), and the Nature Conservancy and the Libertarian Party (with whom I'm registered), Public Radio (at lkeast the station that plays jazz 24/7 without commericals -- KCSM in San Mateo, CA), Lighthouse for the Blind, Doctors without Borders, Oxfam, and others, but only if they're considerate enough to send my mail -- physical paper mail that I can open and read at my leisure.

But I do not care to hear what I regard as filth -- audial pornography -- sadistic sickness, i.e., tales of the end 0f days and the punishments of those who aren't signed up for the club, punishments dreamed up on long nights by emotionally-stunted monks shivering in their cells with cold and terrified guilt.

But those are the kinds of people who voted for George Bush and his Nazgul minions.

So I ask, first of all:


Because they paid off the people who write the laws.

So I'm no longer polite to these people who call any time they feel like it. Now my answers are:

"I'm working -- Go away."

"Fuck off."

"Give me YOUR home phone number and I'll call you back" (if I'm in a whimsical mood).

or, if I'm not:

"Eat shit and die."

** See, here's the trick shot. If you bought something at a Radio Shack (just an example), and they're part of a gigantic mega-corp monster (which they are), then any and/or all of the other divisions of that mega-monster can legally call you -- financial services, credit card people, mortuaries (lot of profit there, and the independents have all been eaten by the biggies), airlines, car rental agencies, sewer and plumbing services, etc... etc... etc...
In other words, you didn't actually think those peollke who nominate themselves for our voting choice were going to let US have control over which companies we want to give our money, did you? I did, but then, I'm a fantasist.


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