Glenn Greenwald -- Daring adventurer through the world of the right wing crazies

"America is currently at war and its enemies are domestic liberals and The New York Times. This war was started by Al Gore and Jimmy Carter when they opposed the invasion of Iraq. The New York Times is allied with Al Qaeda and their latest plot against America is to provide their terrorist friends with a roadmap to the vacation homes of Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld so that they can be assassinated. That is what is being reported today by three of the largest 'conservative' blogs on the Internet, along with Horowitz, the leader of the conservative effort to wipe out anti-conservative bias on college campuses."


Use the link, read the entire article. As for me, in order to try to understand our current political situation, I went to Dark Carnival Books in Oakland and bought a copy of the Collected Superman Bizarro stories.


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