What a F*$&%ing coincidence -- a CRITICAL RED TERRORISM ALERT just when Bush & Co need one.

JUST AS word of Bush's proposed law -- "We still subscribe to the Geneva Conventions -- we just won't prosecute anyone who violates them" is ostensibly leaked, suddenly there's a terrorist plot to mass murder UK-to-USA plane passengers.

Of course, some observors made it clear that, as Hezbollah's attack on Israel got all the Arab crazies on their side (and even some not-previously-crazy people who were bombed out of their homes and families), that Al Qaeda (now, since Bush's War began, an actual international organization, enlistments pouring in since the USA invaded Iraq) would have to come up with "SOMETHING BIG." (There's STILL no love lost between Shi'ia and Sunni in the world of Islam.)

Maybe it's actually real.

Not my point.

Perhaps our deepest, most debilitating problem may no longer be the administration per se, but -- because of their consistent lies, deviousness, theft, plunder, payoffs, cronyism, and obfuscation -- the real threat to our society, the disease eating away at it, is that it's next to impossible to believe anything they say is ever anything more than self-serving manipulation.

THAT threat (combined with grandiose schemes invented as a reaction to piss-in-their-pants fear) can do us in.

Perhaps it already has and we're just cricling the bowl, yelling up at the ass on the toilet seat that we're ok.



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