Lieberman to run on the "Dog In the Manger" Party

He knows what a "dog in the manger" is* -- and he is one ...


Lieberman vows** to run as an Independent

The three-term incumbent senator was beaten by a political unknown, but on election night his team was already spinning it as a victory.


Dear Joey -- Your ability to delude yourself about whether or not the people of Connecticut want you around is right up there with Donny Rumdum and Dickhead Cheney still believing the troops they sent down the rabbit hole in Iraq are ok.

And now you're showing your true colors -- a megalomaniacal arrogant selfish little shit.

I was always surprised most people couldn't see that about you.

Of all the people in the world who should know EXACTLY what happens when a selfish little shit decides to split the vote, you're the guy.

So your deal is "If I can't have it, I'll bring down the Democratic party in Connecticut to show them they can't treat me this way."

Scarface Lieberman, eh?

Face it -- it's over.

My best guess?

You're terrified about the next guy (I know, you were supposed to out do Strom Thurmond for immortality in office) revealing all your dirty deals.

If some Democrats in Connecticut took out a contract on your flabby ass, I wouldn't be surprised.

My advice to you?

You're not going to be a senator any longer-- so DON'T BE SUCH AN ASSHOLE.

Walk away and perhaps people will come to appreciate you for your past services.

But at this rate, you're just going to be remebered as the kind of thing one scrapes off his shoe with a stiick..


* Dog in the Manger -- old folk tale about a dog lying in a manger when a hungry lamb comes in and tries to eat some of the hay. The dog growls and snaps at him. The lamb says -- "But YOU can't eat this food." And the dog says "So what -- neither will you."

** Joe Lieberman: Sore Loserman


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