Those who can't remember the past ... just make stuff up

Iraqis now talking about dividing nation --
Separating Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis seen as way to end Strife.

And three years ago, when some of us (including me) said that the only realistic result would be to return the three nations (Kurdistan, Mesopotamia, Iraq) to their former situation (altho the Iranian piece and the Turkish piece of Kurdistan might be problematic -- still the first step, Iraqi Kurdistan becoming fully independent, would be a good step)

And the neocons* all said "Omigod! That's the worst thing that could happen, the worst POSSIBLE thing." And of course denounced anyone who thought otherwise as traitors.

Just a reminder -- England carved up the parts of the Ottoman Empire they wanted for their oil-greed with T.E. Lawrence leading the Saud/Faisal family in doing do the dirty deed in return for Arabia being given as Saudi Arabia (they had discovered oil in Iraq, but not yet in Araby).

I always thought Saddam Hussein taking back Kuwait (since the Brits cut it off in the 20's to give to their friends) was an ok move. The Kuwaitis were always the assholes in the UN when someone said "Israel is illegitimate" (True) and should be removed (Get real, assholes -- God is on the side of the heavy artillery -- It's there, get used to it -- Israel is there to stay) -- the Kuwaiti's always added in "Kill all the Jews." So when Saddam Hussein went in to take back what had been part of the deal for, oh, a few thousand years, just looked like history correcting a glitch to me.

Oh, one other thing -- might as well add it here -- that whole bunch of horse-foof the Rec Room Patriots in this administration made about how Saddam killed his own people -- our Fearful leaders in the Nixon administration (Cheney and Rumdum, actually) urged Saddam Hussein to take over the actual grassroots revolution by convincing him he was the Second Coming of Saladdin, which of course meant killing all the Shi'ia heretics.

We gave him the weapons, because we wanted him to bust Iran's balls. (And oh, the dead CBW Kurds -- UN investigators released a report showing that the gas used was NOT the stuff WE gave to Saddam, but cyanide-based, meaning that was Iran's doing.

But wottehell, Archie -- lying seems to be the ONLY THING this administration is good at, and they're not so good at that, either.

* Neocons -- Noun -- Overeducated schmucks, i.e., living example of the old noncom saying: "Got more degrees than a thermometer and too dumb to pour piss out'n a boot with the instructions written on the heel."



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