Why I love the U.S. Constitution and thinks it's one of the greatest documents in history...

... because it's taken those #*$$$%#^@ more than 200 years to destroy the Bill of Rights.

----And we know WHICH #*$$$%^@'s we're talking about, don't we? Here's a clue -- Both Grandpa's sent money to Hitler before and during WWII, then Poppy added to the fortune with kickbacks from Saddam Hussein, Col Noriega, and Arabian Oil Sheiks via Banco Lavoro.

And, as in the incredibly dirty old joke among comics, this incredibly dirty joke of a family:

"What do you do?"

"We rob, kill, help torturers, cover up for sociopaths who pay us off, lie, cheat, destroy everything people worked for generations to create and build, provide weapons for psycho's, sneer at poor people, let people die when we're supposed to help them, and generally swagger around as if we're hot shit."

"What do you call yourself?"

"The Aristocrats."



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