2 people defend Bush -- say he ISN'T the devil -- not bright enough or brave enough

Count on Mark Morford to get to the point -- excerpts here -- well worth reading the entire column:

Is Bush Really The Devil?
Satan has better taste in shoes. Is far sexier. Can actually spell 'Venezuela.' I mean, come *on*

- By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
Wednesday, September 27, 2006

... George W. Bush is the devil! cried otherwise wonderfully charismatic but also dumbly ham-fisted Hugo Chávez in front of a bank of U.N. microphones. America is the Great Satan! agrees Islamic fundamentalism, as it mindlessly firebombs a few thousand innocent cars and blows up various KFCs in endless examples of idiotic violence that, ironically, makes Allah shrink in humiliation.

It's a delightfully common appraisal, this Bush-is-the-Devil thing, one I hear frequently from my otherwise highly intelligent, liberal brethren. But is George W. Bush really Satan? ...

Truly, Bush's claim to titanic evilness appears irrefutable. The list of atrocities is so obvious as to be dazzling. Hell, can't we all sense his pallid wickedness down in our very bones? Aren't we all more than a little embarrassed by it? Isn't this the real reason everyone's so annoyed with Chávez? Not because he's wrong but because he's just, you know, horribly tactless?

But I am here to tell you, it ain't that easy. I am here to set the record straight. Well, straighter. Because unfortunately, no matter how much we all want to believe it's true, Bush simply cannot be the Devil. He simply doesn't have the chops...

The Devil smells of sulphur and fire. Bush smells of cow pies and stale beer. The Devil is wickedly, tremendously deceptive, bending entire armies of lowly demons to his will. Bush cleverly inflamed armies of lemming-like evangelical Christians to vote for him by way of gay bashing and woman bashing and fear, through the snarling machinations of his very own shiny Moloch, Karl Rove. It's a worthy comparison.

But alas, it is not enough. There is no majesty to Dubya. No real heat, depth, grand intellectual power to his evilness. Bush is to a real Lucifer what a rat terrier is to a werewolf, what Jack Daniel's is to a pure single malt, what a heat lamp is to global warming: A pale wannabe. A weak imitation, trying hard to scorch your soul but only managing a bit of a rug burn.

Sorry Mr. Chávez, but Bush is no Devil: He is not nearly capable enough, sexy enough, charming enough, debauched or gloriously ruined enough. Bush cannot possibly fill the Devil's gorgeous, tragic Prada shoes. He's far more akin to something to be scraped from the bottom of them.


And from Leftist Ecuador:

Ecuador Candidate Calls Bush 'Dimwitted'

- - - - - - - - - - - -

By GONZALO SOLANO Associated Press Writer

September 27,2006 | QUITO, Ecuador -- The leftist presidential front-runner in Ecuador said Wednesday that the devil should be insulted by comparisons to President Bush, whom he called a "dimwitted" leader who has done "great damage" to the world.

Rafael Correa, speaking to Channel 8 television, referred to a U.N. speech last week by his friend, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who caused an uproar in the United States by calling Bush "the devil."

"Calling Bush the devil is offending the devil," said Correa, a U.S.-trained economist who leads 12 other candidates in polls ahead of the Oct. 15 election. He said "the devil is evil, but intelligent."

"I believe Bush is a tremendously dimwitted president who has done great damage to his country and to the world," Correa said.


So there we have it -- a friend of the Devil would NOT be a friend of Bush -- too much like slumming.



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