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Film depicts fictional killing of Bush

British movie to debut at Toronto filmfest

A controversial mock documentary showing the imagined assassination of U.S. President George W. Bush will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival next week and be aired on a British television channel next month.

The British film, Death of a President, which the festival refers to as D.O.A.P., mixes archival footage and computer-generated imagery to give a chillingly realistic representation of a killing.

In the film, the president makes a speech to business leaders in Chicago and faces a massive anti-war demonstration. He is shot by a sniper as he leaves the venue, and the investigation into his killing focuses on a Syrian-born man.

The 93-minute film acts as an investigative documentary made years after the 2007 killing and features protesters outside the Chicago hotel, suspects in the shooting, the Secret Service men who failed to protect their charge, the press and an array of experts.


One viewer discussed the film as "after that (the shooting) the film becomes a standard police procedural, like a Law and Order episode. What a combination of elements of proven popular appeal!


From the same story:

A White House spokesperson told Entertainment Tonight Canada that the film "doesn't dignify a response."

OK -- back to White House Remedial English -- either:

(1) you don't want to DIGNIFY THE FILM with a response, or

(2) Responding would be BENEATH YOUR DIGNITY.

But "the film doesn't dignify a response"?

Actually, given the ramping up for the mid-term elections, #2 is pure imagination -- there ain't NOTHING beneath their dignity.

Various articles on the film:

Sean Penn on, at the film festival for his own filmAll the King's Men commenting on Bush: "So that's the level of politician I think he's good at. So out of context, he's Beelzebub - and a dumb one."

The Toronto Sun's article (you have to pay to see the whole article), includes this quote from well-known social ethicist and opiate addict Rush Limbaugh: "Isn't it a crime to talk about killing the president?"

And a variety of other clips as well as some relevant commentary on the online "Surviving Ourselves Magazine"


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